Nikkal Feyrouz has performed at many non-profit venues and for tons of private parties. Her and her troupe have a wide range of styles to include: Club Cabaret, Ren Faire, Tribal, Gothic, Turkish, Modern Cabaret, Raqs Sharki, Persian, Fusion, Cane, Khaleegy, Shamadan, Candle, Swords, Fans and more. You can hire her or a few of her best students or you can hire a group of dancers. Nikkal has young to old dancers, women, children, men, drummers and more!

5th September 2011

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Nikkal Feyrouz dancing at the Sage Fusion Bellydance Showcase!!!

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16th February 2010


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13th January 2010


This is Nikkal Feyrouz at the Duarte performing arts center in December of 2009.

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6th January 2010


The Dancing Belly →

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